Optimistic, active and curious, we work on time-conscious eurythmy.


Intuitively and freely, we process spiritual impulses into physical movements that communicate with the environment


Our performances and training, which are high quality, artistic, spiritual and artisanal, contribute to well-being.


We inspire and realise. We affect and we do.

Dutch Eurythmy Dance Ensemble

We move, we dance. We are guided by the rhythm of now and tomorrow. We work with traditional knowledge, but also choose for innovation out of curiosity. Open and intuitive, we allow ourselves freedom. Freedom to be open to new forms, to new collaborations, new encounters. In which we welcome everyone to become part of us. We are teacher and student, performer and audience. We learn and share. We show and watch. We go for the highest quality eurythmy can give us and our audience: movement Wij zijn DeDae, Dutch Eurythmy Dance Ensemble.

Our productions

Erik of Het kleine insectenboek

Erik Pinksterblom steps inside the painting ‘Wollewei’, which has come to life, where he has amazing adventures with insects that nevertheless look a lot like humans. Will...


DeDae has a programme about the Earth. We are researching the different layers of this theme to come up with a new eurythmy dance performance. From April...

Consolation dance

Life is full of movement. Sometimes it comes to a sudden halt due to, for example, saying goodbye to a loved one or leaving your job. Through...

All productions

The team

Gia van den Akker

Artistic director

Marthy Hecker


Tatjana Rudenko


Marie-Pierre Murigneux


Juliette Reijnen


Susanne Visbeen