Do you want to become more balanced? Do you want to feel powerful and healthy?
Start moving with DeDae in our vitality workshop. Experience how your own energy starts flowing again through the art of eurythmy movement. In this workshop, you will learn how to create awareness in the body through movement.
Among other things, we work with rhythm, breath and discover what moves inside of you.
Be surprised by your own creativity!

We would love to start moving with you.

Practical information
Location: divers posibilities, from your backyard to a teambuilding event. We offer this workshop costum-made.
Duration: by appointment It can be done in a series of 3 to 10 times or a weekend.
Price: depends on the number of participants.
For information/booking contact Juliette Reijnen at

No prior knowledge required.
Advice: loose-fitting clothing and eurythmy/rhythmic shoes.

“I have never done eurythmy before. It is intense, the days after I felt very good. A body that was fully circulated and full of oxygen. Full of energy and fit. You do it very nicely! It is very interesting. I don’t understand anything about what we do, but I have a lot of fun and get energy from it. I would do it more often.”