Erik Pinksterblom steps inside the painting ‘Wollewei’, which has come to life, where he has amazing adventures with insects that nevertheless look a lot like humans. Will he manage to return safely home to the human world?

Above Erik’s bed hangs the painting ‘Wollewei’. One night Erik wishes he could live in the painting one day. And then it happens. Suddenly, Erik becomes very small and finds himself in the painting. He has become as small as a fly and moves through huge plants with giant stems and leaves. Everywhere he goes he helps insects. He dances tango with the arrogant wasps, makes reggae music with the bumblebees, sleeps in the snails’ hotel and meets the caterpillar. Will Erik manage to get the caterpillar to sprout and get back home?

In this danced performance with music, you will learn about the insects and their world in which they (must) live. Interestingly, this world is not so different from ours with its class and racial differences, transformation and friendship. In short, this insect knowledge is also human knowledge.

Last year’s collaboration between the DeDae dancers and the students of the Docent Dans/Euritmie course of Hogeschool Leiden was with the musical family-fairytale Albolina a huge success. More than 3,000 children across 9 schools enjoyed the performance. Once again, we are traveling the country with a large crew of 6 eurythmy dancers, 8 eurythmy students, 2 musicians and an actor.

After the tour week, the show can still be booked. DeDae will continue dancing the story without the students.

Choreography: Rob Barendsma
DeDae-dancers: Marie-Pierre Murigneux, Juliette Reijnen, Tanja Rudenko, Susanne Visbeen, Marthy Hecker and Angeline Hofstee
Eurythmy students: Anne van Bergeijk, Esperanca Bos Eijssen, Nina Kuiper, Aiden van Leeuwen en Kaelin Schouten.
Musicians and speakers: Annelore Neele, Jannes Hartman, Henk Janson en Daan van der Sande
Decor en costumes: Rob Barendsma en Marie-Pierre Murigneux
Technique: Jonathan Siegmund
Project leader: Marthy Hecker
Coordinator Sales and Tour: Juliette Reijnen
Artistic director: Gia van den Akker