In this workshop we play and dance with language!

‘The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said’ – Peter Drucker

Speaking is something we do every day. Language is one of our most important communication tools.
But are we aware of, what we say and how we say something?
We also communicate, with what lives between and behind the words, how does language move within us?
Are you interested in language, literature, poetry, and dance?
Would you like to get a different perspective on the world of language? Then language dance is for you!

In this workshop, we play and dance with language. With exercises and improvisation, the body starts to speak. We explore the secrets hidden in the movement of language.

Practical information
Location: divers posibilities, from your backyard to a teambuilding event. We offer this workshop costum-made.
Duration: by appointment It can be done in a series of 3 to 10 times or a weekend.
Price: depends on the number of participants.
For information/booking contact Juliette Reijnen at

No prior knowledge required.
Advice: loose-fitting clothing and eurythmy/rhythmic shoes.

“I found it very nice eurythmy lessons because we really learn something and try some things out. So it’s not just obediently ordered etudes, but we also do things that we can’t do and so are actually interesting to do! Who does that? As a result, we were totally there. With eurythmy, you invent yourself and the world around you!”