Gia van den Akker

Artistic director

After her grammar school education, Gia van den Akker sought a dance art that involved literature and humanities in addition to music. She studied dance/eurythmy. She obtained a Master of Arts and took refresher courses in BMC (B. Bainbridge Cohen), Presencing Theatre (Arawana Hayashi) and personal leadership at Phoenix in Utrecht. She first worked as an ensemble member. From 1991 she created her own productions in project ensembles or as a soloist. These performances were seen in Europe, South America and Asia. In Italy, she founded and run “La Fabbrica” for 12 years. A studio where productions, workshops, master classes and interactive events took place. Gia came back in the Netherlands as artistic director and choreographer of DeDae, and teacher at HS Leiden. She is inspired by Joseph Beuys’ quote “Art is the true capital” and “Every individual is an artist”. For her, art is about building bridges, connecting people, applying the art of movement to life.

E-mail 06-39266982

Marthy Hecker


Marthy Hecker (1992) graduated from the Bachelor of Dance/Eurythmy in 2017 at Hogeschool Leiden. For his minor, he spent a short time in Stuttgart. After his bachelor, he followed the Bachelor of Arts at the Alanus Hochschule. From 2018-2019, he was part of the Fairy Tale Ensemble in Stuttgart. In 2019, he founded the NorthWest ETC together with Tatjana Rudenko and others. He additionally brings choreography experience, ideas for children’s programmes and a very high motivation to connect and innovate eurythmy. In addition to his work in the ensemble, he will supervise eurythmy students at the Hogeschool Leiden. He mentors the eurythmy students, during their learning journey.

Tatjana Rudenko


Born in Estonia, Tatjana Rudenko (1993) graduated from Alanus Hochschule in 2018. She founded the NorthWest ETC with Marthy Hecker in 2019 to further focus on her stage work. She is a passionate performer and loves storytelling. Besides being a gifted movement artist, Tatjana is also a talented photographer.

Marie-Pierre Murigneux


Marie-Pierre Murigneux (born 1992) was born in France and is an artist. She studied a Bachelor of Art and Master of Contemporary Arts in Venice. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in eurythmy in Venice. In the ensemble, she brings a variaty of qualities and experiences in art.

Juliette Reijnen


Juliette Reijnen (1995) graduated last year, from the course Docent Dans/Euritmie at Hogeschool Leiden. Ever since a young age, she has loved dancing. After secondary school, she started studying art history. In which doing research is covered. In eurythmy, she can bring together her love for dance and movement, and the need to do research.

Susanne Visbeen


Susanne Visbeen (1998) graduated last year, from the course Docent Dans/Euritmie at Hogeschool Leiden. For her, eurythmy is the ultimate art form, to express the versatility of life. Eurythmy can contain and encompass everything. She hopes to share this with many. Besides her work in the ensemble, she also works one day, as a eurythmy teacher.

Roos de Vries

Junior Performer

Roos de Vries (1999) is now in her fourth year of the Docent Dans/Euritmie course at Hogeschool Leiden. From an early age, she felt a great passion for eurythmy, which expresses itself in the projects she carries out alongside her studies. Roos is involved in the ensemble as a trainee. She will participate in as many projects as possible as part of her studies. After completing her bachelor, she will continue in the ensemble as a junior member.

Vacancy Artistic Year

The young eurythmy ensemble DeDae is offering 2 spots for an artistic year in season 2023-2024. Move with DeDae for a year and develop the qualities of an enterprising performing eurythmist.

There is space for someone who:
* Has a passion and dedication for the performing arts
* Passion for working with people in the form of workshops
* Is curious and wants to further develop technically and content-wise
* Has a Bachelor of Eurythmy
* Is communicative and connective
* Fits in with the current core group .
* Is enterprising and also wants to fulfil other tasks within the ensemble

What will you get in return from DeDae:
* Constructive coaching on technique and artistically (e.g. in choreography)
* Performance experience in the new 2023-2024 season programme
* Experience as a member of a professional ensemble
* Lessons in workshop development and performance
* Touring experience as assistant production on older programmes from season 2021-2022/2022-2023
* Portfolio construction (with videos and photos)
* A certificate with quality assessment and hour registration

DeDae rehearses every Thursday and Friday at the Vreedehuis in The Hague, except during tour weeks. You are expected to be present at rehearsals, performances and other activities. The artistic year costs €2,000. Part of this can be recouped through performances and/or workshops.

We aim for a multicultural and diverse group. Given the composition of the current ensemble, we also ask men to apply. Do you not fully recognise yourself in the vacancy description, but are you enthusiastic? Then apply anyway!

Submit motivation letter and CV to Gia van den Akker at
Do you have any questions? Please contact Gia.

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