Princess Albolina steals the morning light and becomes an indescribable beauty at the expense of others. But can you just steal something without harming others?

This story not only holds up a mirror to how we treat nature, but also gives hope and inspiration on how lovingly nature takes us in. It is about giving and taking, about sharing and caring for each other.

Albolina; a story from the Dolomites
The young girl Albolina comes from an old noble family in the Dolomites and is seriously ill. Her father searches for someone who can cure her and meets a Bregostena, a herbalist, in the forest. Albolina must say the magic spell every morning at dawn to be cured. When Albolina is strong and healthy, she has to stop saying the spell, but she refuses. She becomes increasingly beautiful, selfish and vain as she abuses the powers of nature.
When she does not listen after repeated warnings, she is kidnapped by the evil forest creatures and punished by the Bregostenas and the witch Strega. She can only be freed if she helps someone else. Will she do this?

Choreography: Gia van den Akker
Eurythmy dancers: Juliette Reijnen, Susanne Visbeen, Marthy Hecker, Marie-Pierre Murigneux, Tanja Rudenko, Roos de Vries
Musicians: Ricardo Oliveira, Mia Kogelman
Actor and speech: Louis van Rijt
Costumes and decor: Katja Nestle, Marie-Pierre Murigneux
Assistant en production: Marthy Hecker
Coordinator Sales and Tour: Juliette Reijnen
Specially composed for this production: Simone Fontanelli

Pictures: Bart de Vries
Trailer: Emily den Toom, Orenda Visuals

“What a nice performance! I really enjoyed it. Didn’t know this kind of performance existed!”

”Fantastic, very much enjoyed, what connection and deed!”

Class 2 of Helianthus Free School found the performance very beautiful and exciting. ”We enjoyed the wonderful story and beautiful movements. We were on the edge of our seats.”