DeDae offers an ‘AardeDans’ workshop. With vital and simple eurythmy exercises, we invite you to connect with your body first. From there, you will be guided to express your connection to the earth and its universal powers and qualities in movement.

This ‘AardeDans’ workshop will be conducted by DeDae eurythmy dancers Tanja Rudenko and Marthy Hecker. They will also show a short demo of the performance ‘AardeDans’ which can be visited at various biodynamic farms in May and June 2024.

Marthy Hecker has earned both a bachelor’s degree in Teaching Dance/Eurythmy at Hogeschool Leiden and a bachelor’s degree in Arts of Eurythmy at the Alanus Hochschule. Since 3 years, he has been part of DeDae in the Netherlands and teaches at the dance/eurythmy teacher training programme at Hogeschool Leiden.

Tanja Rudenko has had a passion for movement and dance since she was a child. Following her BA Eurythmy in 2018 at Alanus Hochschule, she is engaged in developing and deepening her eurythmy skills/knowledge and her movement vocabulary as a performing artist. She gives workshops for adults and young people and organises events. In autumn 2020, she moved to The Hague to join DeDae – Dutch Eurythmy Dance Ensemble and spread the joy of movement in the Netherlands.

Walk-in from 19.40 hrs

Cost: €10.00 or €15.00 (according to financial ability), minimum: €5.00

Register in advance by emailing to be assured of a seat.