The corona crisis has woken up human being for their selves. Human connection and isolation are two central themes in the search of what is important for human beings.

‘I don’t fall, I dance’ is about isolation, connection and compassion; about falling and getting up. Based on our own experiences from the corona crisis, a eurythmic dance performance about the value of connection emerges. From the fear and disconnection, it becomes clear which values are important for human beings and their future. The performance is a reflection on an inner journey of the past two years.

Choreography: Gia van den Akker in collaboration with members of the ensemble
Music: Vivaldi, ‘Thin Air’ by Calliope Tsoupaki, ‘I don’t fall, I dance’ by Benjamin de Murashkin and Arvo Pärt ‘Spiegel im Spiegel’
Lyrics: ‘This is water’ by David Foster Wallace, Spleen, pieces from ‘The opposite of a human being’ by Lieke Marsman, ‘Sol, luna, terra’ from ‘Broze Aarde, a mass for the universe’ by Antji Krog
Musicians: Lowie Vercammen en Alejandro Blanco
Costumes: Vivian Erdtsieck and Marie-Pierre Murigneux
Technique: Jonathan Siegmund
Coordinator Sales and Tour: Juliette Reijnen
Age: from 8 to 106