Life is full of movement. Sometimes it comes to a sudden halt due to, for example, saying goodbye to a loved one or leaving your job. Through dance, you can connect with your inner space and the grieving process, allowing you to find your own home with yourself again. You learn to soften what was hardened by pain and allow it to flow again. You learn to come back to yourself. In ancient cultures, it was natural that at birth and death, people danced. The movements of the planets in the sky were imitated and people lived in the belief that it was the departed souls dancing. Dance and movement are a means of communication not only between the living but also between the living and the dead. In this way, movements form a bridge between heaven and earth.

Workshop ‘Farewell in movement’
The ‘Farewell in Movement’ workshop will give you tools to empower yourself in a situation of grief. You will learn how movement brings comfort and strength. In the workshop, we work on centring, breathing, listening, connecting with yourself and others. We move around poetry and reflect on the process.

Performance ‘Consolation dance’
On every occasion, a piece of music or poem can be found that speaks for those who have died. DeDae will create an appropriate consolation dance based on your chosen music or poem. In conversation, we form the consolation dance according to your wishes.

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