Location: Hommelstraat 1, 7399 RK Empe
Time workshop: 18:30 hrs
Time performance: 20:00 hrs


BD agriculture celebrates 100 years this year! This should be celebrated in a big way. Thanks to Demeter Foundation and Triodos Foundation, DeDae can be part of these festivities and offer the performance/workshop ‘AardeDans’ to visitors.

DeDae dances for the earth. ‘The earth is a YOU.’ Anything that gets attention will grow and so DeDae focuses on the earth. DeDae dances the connection with the earth: the seasons, the weather, the soil, the earthworm, the forces of life and growth, but also shows the disruption and exploitation of the economic model. That is our message: our precious earth demands attention, demands human and creative responsibility.

DeDae is short for Dutch Eurythmy Dance Ensemble. We are a group of young, talented eurythmy dancers led by Gia van den Akker. We are guided by the rhythm of the now and tomorrow, working with present-day themes, making productions and developing workshops for different audiences.
In the months to come, we will visit farms with our performance and workshop “Aardedans”, dance with visitors and farmers and make our respect and love for the earth tangible through the dance.

Dance, text, music, song and images blend together: Texts from “Broze aarde” by A. Krog, an excerpt from the prologue ”Iets met boeren”, Peter Dictus / Bureau Pees, speech by Roos Saat for the Rabo bank; music by Vivaldi/Richter, Agnes Obel and Nynke Laverman arranged by Annie Tangberg. Duration: 40 minutes.

Workshop Aardedans:

This workshop focuses on our connection to the earth. The earth carries us, the earth breathes, is full of soil life and nourishes us. We listen with our feet, we breathe the rhythms of the earth, we move the sounds of our language. Each individually and together. Through the earth, also connect more with yourself and others. Feel welcome to join this Aardedans workshop!

  • Duration 45 min.
  • No dance experience necessary
  • Wear clothes in which you feel comfortable
  • The workshop takes place outside